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   Connection between fitness and security   

– by Stuart Gray

     ” Fitness breeds confidence, self awareness of ones limits and helps prepare you for every day battles. Fitness gives you the feel good factor and makes you alert through out the day for a better, more Secure Life.” -Stuart Gray, www.vip-security.org.

As a Security company we work as a team between our staff and clients staff. We do more than risk assessments for better assurance. We educate clients staff or friends and family to see ahead of any potential security threats. We teach them to be alert and what to look out for. Train them gradually how to look confident and to appear as they are capable of backing up each other.  Strength will be in numbers! Vip-security can do this with a soft but very frequent approach. I encourage team members with regular reminders on how every one helps each other and bonds as a team. Less stress and a more relaxed approach has a positive effect on volatile situation. Then things can be handled more calmly and effectively.  I will organize extra activities between groups matching common interests. Free personal training consultation using my designed program for every one to get started. Starting on a plan to bring self believe , and build a presence about the team. This helps brings a image that deters security threats. Making the threat choose to  target a easier victim rather than making you or your colleagues one.

Connection between fitness & security is a rather unique approach in the security industry. Getting fit or self defense, comes as no extra cost to you if you choose.

Come join www.vip-security.org anisation

  Pages on my website show in detain how the my Security works and what it has to offer. On the last page it goes to another website www.absforlife.co.uk . For advise and ideas to help yourself or any members of your  team.  Helping you feel a little stronger, fitter and more confident in your ways. A good Security team provides health and safety, reducing damage to person and property. Help preventing possible lawsuits. Making it very cost effective idea to take on board our services.

- connection between fitness and security.

We are working the areas with professional close protective operatives ( body guard) , security and license door supervisors.  In Cambridge, Newmarket, Saffron Walden, Kensington and Chelsea. Helping the public and customers feel comfortable and safer in their own environment.